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April 13, 2018

Nominated for New Business Of The Year (2017), Athena Freight Services, is a Canadian logistics company run by two military veterans: Crystal MacKinnon and Tammy Dixon.

Working across several military bases, MacKinnon and Dixon managed logistics from start to end, from paperwork, packing and loading goods, to delivery times and managing delays. After retiring from service in 2006, they took the skills they’d learned and started up Athena Freight Services: a Canadian logistics company servicing the North American market.

A Canadian Logistic Company Needs to be Near Transport Hubs
As a freight brokerage company, MacKinnon and Dixon connect manufacturing companies to shipping carriers. So when selecting a site for good logistics, MacKinnon and Dixon were looking to be near companies in these sectors, and a location close to transport hubs, as well as the ability to move products by road, rail, ship or air.

MacKinnon and Dixon chose to set up their business in the City of Quinte West, which was centrally located between transport facilities in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. MacKinnon and Dixon didn’t just set up an office, they also found space for a warehouse in Quinte West too. With a warehouse, only 5 minutes from the 401 highway, MacKinnon and Dixon store and consolidate freight for their clients, ready to ship at their request – and they’ve moved goods all-over Canada and the US.

If you’re interested in finding a site near transport hubs, please contact QEDC or look at these available industrial properties.

Building a Business With a Strong Local Network in Place
Athena Freight Services have a personalized touch, where MacKinnon and Dixon meet face-to-face with clients, and oversee all aspects of their service. This has allowed them to build strong relationships; and with hundreds of manufacturers, and shipping carriers in Ontario, MacKinnon and Dixon have set up a wide network of contacts. This has made it easier for them to expand their business, and offer more services across a wider range of manufacturing sectors.

Athena Freight Services have also received financing from Trenval Business Development Cooperation, and support from CoOp programs and Loyalist College Programs. With so many local resources available, and a strong network in place, MacKinnon and Dixon plan to continue growing their company within Ontario.

Thinking of growing your business? Call the QEDC team to learn more about the support networks available to you.

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