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July 12, 2017

Residents of the Bay of Quinte area will have seen the ‘Proudly Made In Bay of Quinte’ shelf hangers in local grocery stores by now. The initiative started by the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) in 2015 recently expanded to include ‘Proudly Shipped From Bay of Quinte’ decals on International Truck Services Inc. (ITS) trucks and trailers.

The ‘Proudly Made In Bay of Quinte’ signage are easy to spot in stores across the region and the decals on trucks across the continent. What’s harder to see — though no less important — is the impact the Made In Quinte movement has on the Bay of Quinte community.

Enjoying Made In Quinte

Now Bay of Quinte residents don’t have to wait until warmer weather to know they are supporting local. The ‘Proudly Made In Bay of Quinte’ signage harness the popularity of Farmer’s Market shopping by displaying locally grown, made, and packaged products to residents year round.

The initiative does more than exploit a feel good sentiment from consumers. The Made In Quinte movement positively impacts the local economy. The QEDC reports that “every dollar invested in manufacturing (including food processing) generates over $3.05 in total economic activity…”.

Supporting these local products helps everyone, from your neighbours to micro business start-ups to the multinational companies that chose the Bay of Quinte as their headquarters. A lot of people assume that big companies don’t help the local economy – but these companies hire Bay of Quinte residents to manufacture their products and local tradespeople to support their plants. There are also companies, like Trenton Cold Storage who started in the Bay of Quinte, and have been in operation since 1902. Local companies also pay local taxes which cycles money and resources back into the region, too.

Beyond Made In Quinte

The Made In Quinte movement has a year round, beyond-our-community reach too. Multiple companies around the world rely on the work local companies like Beclawat. While residents can find the signage on products like breakfast cereals, cheeses, and muffins, as well as facial tissues and canned goods; there’s a whole world of businesses who rely on Bay of Quinte companies for goods and services.  Plus, now that decals are stamped onto the back of 600 ITS trailers news of the manufacturing and production prowess of the Bay of Quinte area reaches as far south as Texas, and as far north as Alaska, creating awareness and attracting even more new businesses to the area’s economy.

During 2017’s summer of national Canadian pride, the Made In Quinte movement is another way for residents to celebrate their neighbours and support the success of their local economy.

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