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November 7, 2016

Manufacturing is integral to the economic success of the Bay of Quinte region. As such, the Quinte Manufacturing Association (QMA), the Quinte Economic Development Commission Development Commission (QEDC) and the Quinte Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC) work for the manufacturing sector to create, and sustain opportunities in the Bay of Quinte.

“Today’s Manufacturing is high tech, clean and modern,” says Chris King, QEDC’s CEO. “Manufacturing uses robotics and multi-million dollar investments in new advanced technology and equipment – it’s exciting industry and offers great potential for career advancement.”

The Bay of Quinte is a significant contributor to eastern Ontario’s status as the #1 food processing hub in Ontario (as declared by Boyd Company in September – more info on this report to come!).

A diverse range of companies from small business ventures, to mid-sized food processors and international corporations generate wealth and quality of life here. Taking advantage of the ideal location, trained workforce, and economic development support, leaders in sectors such as Food Processing, Plastics & Packaging, Logistics, Auto Parts and Aerospace help sustain the Bay of Quinte’s robust economy.

Home to one of the province’s largest food processing hubs, the Bay of Quinte offers opportunity at every step of the manufacturing process from raw material producers to product creators and assemblers, distributors and supply chain professionals.

Who are Some Of The Manufacturers Leading The Bay Of Quinte’s Economy?

Premier Tech Biotechnologies, , Global Med Inc., Kruger Products, Kellogg’s, Sprague Foods, Reid’s Dairy, Nestlé, Hawkins, W.T. Ltd, Parmalat, Procter & Gamble, Maple Dale Cheese, Sprague Foods, Saputo Dairy Products Canada LP,  High Line Mushrooms, Stirling Creamery, Mill Creek Farms, Black River Cheese, Gay Lea Foods, Donini Chocolate LP, La Cultura Salumi, Mrs B’s Country Candy, Queen of the Kitchen, Empire Cider, Red Path Sugar, Norampac and Impacto Protective Products.

You can network with manufacturing business people like you at the Tri Association Manufacturers Conference.

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Manufacturing is integral to the economic success of the Bay of Quinte region. As such, the Quinte Manufacturing Association...

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