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May 16, 2017

When local manufacturers thrive, so do all the other sectors. It’s easy to support the manufacturers that operate in your region: buy products associated with the “Proudly Made in Bay of Quinte” logo! You’re helping cultivate a strong local economy for your family, friends and neighbours.

What Happens When You Support Local Manufacturers In Bay of Quinte By Buying Their Products?

Greater local prosperity means more high-quality living for residents. Investments, tax revenues and the creation of great jobs are all economic benefits to buying local products. As a bonus, supporting local manufacturers can also have social benefits like a strong sense of citizenship, community and local pride.

Easily Find Locally Made Products at Places Like Dewe’s or Smylie’s Independent Grocer

Your local food is always fresh, whether it’s Kellogg Cereal for breakfast, or Ivanhoe cheese and La Cultura Salumi meat (on Belleville Bakery bread of course) for lunch. When you refresh yourself with Brighton Springs water or Empire cider, and snack on some Rachel’s Tarts or Donini Chocolates, you know your treats haven’t travelled very far – which is better for the environment too.

Here are some products that aren’t edible but are also made here:

Lanning Headwear fleece hat  – great to wear to work during the winter months!
Choose a unique, hassle-free pool shape with Dolphin Fiberglass Pools.
Facial tissue and paper products used in restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings (made by Kruger Products.)
Oakley Woods croquet sets for your backyard (used by world-competitive croquet players!)

Here are some additional high quality goods made by Bay of Quinte residents.

There Are More Locally Made Products You Won’t Use In Your Daily Life

You actually engage with “Proudly Made in Bay of Quinte” items every day even if you aren’t the one buying them.  Check out this list of products made in the Bay of Quinte which big businesses around the world rely on.

Plus did you know Bay of Quinte products are shipped all over the world? Check out this list to see what other communities rely on products made right here in your home town!


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