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February 17, 2017

A US team sought local company, Oak Hills Artesian Water, to bring unbottled spring water to North America.

Unbottled water in the form of a Spring Box has found its way to Canada owing to a partnership between the US father-son duo who created the product, and Oak Hills Artesian Water, founded and owned by Bay of Quinte local, Larry Groves.

Why Oak Hills Water?
The Spring Box creators, currently manufacturing in Brazil for distribution in South America, chose a Canadian company (City of Quinte West) whose spring water procurement process is sustainable, health-conscious and prioritizes quality, to bring their product North.
It’s not Just the Water that’s Clean

“It’s 100% recyclable or reusable – unlike some plastic bottles that aren’t recyclable, but claim to be,” says Groves of the Spring Box.  “Recycling isn’t always an option for the places that are buying those bottles like a First Nation Reserve where there isn’t a clean water source, so water is brought in,” says Groves.
Spring Box Features:

  • Equipped with handles
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Can be flattened, recycled, or reused for storage

Spring Box to be Produced in Canada, Labour Supplied in Bay of Quinte

Belleville company Norampac is Springbox North America’s go-to-source for construction of their corrugated cardboard. Progress is being made to move all facets of production to Canada.
To fill 2-3 company positions at the onset, Oak Hills Artesian Water will look to the manufacturing and technician programs at Loyalist College. Their Bay of Quinte location not only provides access to skilled workers, but positions them to develop the US market and to launch simultaneously in Ontario and Quebec. But they’re not stopping there – Spring Box also plans on exporting to Mexico.
For more information on the Spring Box design, see: YouTube

For more on Oak Hills Artesian Water:

For more details on all of the above, see the full article at: In Quinte

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A US team sought local company, Oak Hills Artesian Water, to bring unbottled spring water to North America.

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