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February 28, 2016

One of Canada’s largest and busiest air force bases is located in the Bay of Quinte: 8 Wing/CFB Trenton.

Now with CFB Trenton’s continued investment in infrastructure (from new hangers to aerospace and defence technologies) there are many opportunities for private sector services.

Quick Facts About CFB Trenton’s Location:
• 160 km East of Toronto.
• 13 km West of Belleville.
• 280 km Southwest of Ottawa.

Here’s How Companies Relocating to The Bay of Quinte Region Can Benefit from CFB Trenton’s Expansion:
1. CFB Trenton’s expansion will result in close to $1 billion dollar infrastructure investment for the Bay of Quinte.
2. Over the next few years, the military will continue to partner with private sector companies who can support and service aircraft.
3. A large municipally-owned investment-ready industrial park adjacent to the base is looking for occupants. See available properties, or specify your site requirements so QEDC can help you find what you need to relocate.

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