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April 11, 2017

Bay of Quinte Food Processors at the 2017 Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto

Local food processors in the Bay of Quinte area were invited to participate in the Restaurants Canada Show (in Toronto) by the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC). The QEDC pays for access to such premium Food Sector events via their membership to Ontario East Economic Development Commission (OEEDC).  Typically a furnished booth at this show can cost as much as $4,000, but QEDC notes, “There is no cost to a company that joins in our booth, all costs are covered for them by OEEDC with the exception of their own travel/accommodation and their costs of sampling product at the show.”

Reid’s Dairy, Wild Card Brewing and Empire Cider were Bay of Quinte region businesses who joined other food processors from Eastern Ontario at the show. The Restaurants Canada show is the ultimate place for food trends in Canada to be discovered. More than 14 000  foodservice and hospitality professionals come to the show to discover (and sample!) food processors’ products and determine how to sell the products they like in their venues and businesses around Canada.

Why Local Businesses Attend the Restaurants Canada Show

Reid’s Dairy attended the show “to connect with individuals and bring awareness to our company and what we have to offer,” says Kimberly Mumby  Sales Representative Reid’s Dairy. The Restaurants Canada Show provides local businesses the opportunity to increase brand awareness with their target markets. Chris McRae of Empire Cider notes, “for a small business like us, it’s really good exposure – gets us in front of tonnes of people we generally don’t get to see.”

“We don’t have to travel from restaurant to restaurant throughout Canada and set up meetings in order to meet all of these potential clients.” Nate Card, Wild Card Brewing 

Businesses are exposed to many prospects all in one location.

Not only do local businesses save the cost of the booth at the Restaurants Canada Show, but meeting with so many industry colleagues and potential customers in one place can save them a huge amount of travel during the rest of the year. “We went to expand our distribution area; the show gives you access to a huge amount of potential clients within a short time span,” shares Nate Card of Wild Card Brewing.

The Restaurants Canada Show is a great way for local business owners to share information about their company quickly. Chris McRae, Empire Cider, agrees, “We came away with a lot of people in that space knowing about us.”

Providing a booth at the Restaurants Canada Show is only one way that QEDC is aiding businesses in the Bay of Quinte area. Local businesses can grow faster with the vast amount of support the QEDC provides, and the resources to which the QEDC can connect companies.

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